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Cloncurry Rock Drill
Proudly sponsored by Sandvik, JDR mining & civil

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Full Details 

Chief Steward Anthony Toholke


Nominations MUST be received by Friday 16th June 2023.


Entry Fee $50

no entry fee refunds will be given if team withdraws or disqualified for any reason.


Competition limited to only 10 teams- first to nominate and pay

Competitors must take part & complete the safety induction,
All competitors will be breathalysed prior to competing & must have a zero reading

All competitors must compete in appropriate PPE, Long sleave shirts, long pants, steel cap shoes. 
Competitors will be provided all other necessary PPE

Competition to be held through out the day of Saturday  17/6/23 roster of teams & times TBA-
Consisting of 5 heats of 2 teams & 1 final round of the 2 best teams.

Teams consist of 2 persons -2 drillers/ also collar for each other

Each team must set up drill & drill a 700mm deep hole x 2 (each team member must have a go a drilling & collaring)

These are both individually timed, the Best collective team time wins,

The judge’s ruling is final

Full rules, regulations and entry form Here

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