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Cloncurry & District Show Beginnings



For many years the  Church of England in Cloncurry  had organized an annual show in their church hall, but this had not been held for some time.


At a Council meeting in late 1979 Councillor Bill Hughes said that he thought Cloncurry should have  a Show.


Jack Powley, then Shire Chairman, contacted the  A.B.C. to ask them to advertise a meeting of interested people. A week day meeting was arranged, and it happened that the Swimming Club had arranged a meeting in the same venue for the same day, so it was agreed that those present would sit through the Swimming Club meeting and those interested would stay on to discuss the possiblity of a Show.


However, when the first meeting finished, most people left, leaving only Robin Cant and her husband  Detective Ken Cant (who were on transfer to Longreach), Graham Tait (Deputy Shire Clerk) who was to take the Minutes, and Shire Chairman Jack Powley.


The A.B.C. rang to see how the meeting had gone, and Jack told them that a weekday was probably unsuitable and they would call for another one on the weekend, and asked them to advertise this..


This time, those present were  Jack Powley, Graham Tait, Jack Dodd, Kay Dodd (now Remfrey), Shirley Powley and a lady from Mary Kathleen who eventually  became Steward for the Dog section.


This was still insufficient to hold a meeting, and to  make any plans, so at the next Council meeting, Jack reminded Bill that it was  his suggestion that Cloncurry should have a Show and that two meetings had now been held and that Bill had not attended either one. Jack said he would ask the A.B.C.  one more time to advertise another meeting.


This time there was a bigger attendance, many of those present  being local National Party members, but most of whom did not carry on with any active interest in a Show.


A committee was formed – Bill Hughes, President…


Various people agreed to take on different Sections of the Show.


The biggest private Sponsors for the first Show were Kevin and Jean Power of Antion Downs.


The first Show in 1980 was opened by Mrs. Christina Duff Brown, granddaughter of Alexander Kennedy.

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