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Gayle Macnamara


0418 975 775

Entry Fee:


Nominations Close:

14 June 2024

Entries To Be Delivered By:

14 June 2024
All Exhibits are to be delivered to the western door of the Pavilion at Daintree Street, Cloncurry between 3pm and 6pm on Thursday 13th June 2024, and 7am and 8am on Friday 14th June 2024.
NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED AFTER 8:00 AM, Friday 14th June 2024.

Dark Rich Fruit Cake - Cloncurry to Host Sub Chamber Judging
This competition is a test of skills in the fine art of baking a Dark Rich Fruit Cake for those who wish to maintain a heritage culture which has been renowned for generations.
A set recipe is not provided – exhibitors are permitted to use their own tried and proven recipe in accordance with the Queensland Ag Show rules.
The winners of the Dark Rich Fruit Cake from 2024 Cloncurry & District Show Cooking Section will be entered into the Sub Chamber competition. Judged Friday of Cloncurry Show. The winner of each Sub Chamber is then eligible to be judged at the State Finals.
All exhibits for the State final must be a 500g mixture, made with approximately 2.25kg of fruit, and will be displayed at the State Finals hosting show.

  1. An Entry Tag (supplied with entry form) must be attached to each entry/article.

  2. The same recipe can only be entered once in a class.

  3. All entries must be in a sealed container or on a plate and in a clear large sealed bag.

  4. All entry forms must be completed using a standard Blue or Black pen only. Other colours could result in a non- acceptance of entries.

  5. Entry forms must be attached to the bottom right side of the bag using sticky tape.

  6. All Decorated Cakes are to be in a Clear Plastic Container or covered with cellophane. No Cling Wrap or Aluminum Foil to be used.

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