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Josephine Muller


0473 556 446

Entry Fee:

Classes A - B - $1.00 per entry
Classes C-F, H & Junior - $1.50 per entry

Nominations Close:

13 June 2024

Entries To Be Delivered By:

13 June 2024
All Exhibits are to be delivered to the eastern door of the Pavilion at Daintree Street, Cloncurry between 10am and 5.30pm on Thursday 13th June 2024.

  1. An Entry Tag (supplied with entry form) must be attached to each entry/article.

  2. Leaf vegetables, such as lettuce and cabbages, to be presented complete with washed roots. Spinach and silverbeet are exempt, cut leaves last better and are preferable.

  3. Citrus fruit and vegetables, such as zucchini and cucumber, are to be presented complete with stalk. Root vegetables, such as carrot, to be presented with leaf top.


  • Vegetables of identical size show to advantage. Leaf vegetables last longer with their roots sitting in a container of water.

  • Containers for vegetables and glass containers for cut flowers are available at the Pavillion.

  • Classes may be combined if there are insufficient entries in individual classes. 

  • Classes may be created if it is deemed necessary.

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