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Rachel Lovette Delaney



Entry Fee:


Nominations Close:

14 June 2024

Entries To Be Delivered By:

14 June 2024
All pets are to be nominated and ready to parade by 8:50am in the gardens behind John Flynn Place. Please enter via the main show gates on Daintree Street.
NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED AFTER 8:50 AM, Friday 14th June 2024.


  • Best jumper

  • Most skilled at obstacle course.

  • Best tail wager.

  • Most unique pet.

  • Best dressed pet.

  • Fluffiest pet.

  • Pet that looks most like its owner.

  • Best fed pet.

  • Cutest pet.

  • Best personality


  1. All animals, except dogs, sheep and goats must be caged.

  2. All animals must be pest free.

  3. We will accept no responsibility for any animal; we wish to advise that there are no facilities or covered shaded area for caged animals. Parents, caged animals are welcome, but we must stress that because of the lack of facilities they cannot be left at the grounds caged all day.

  4. Insurance: The Cloncurry & District Show Society Inc accepts no responsibility, Competitors themselves must make any insurance arrangements they consider necessary.

  5. Right of Refusal: The Cloncurry & District Show Society Inc reserves the right not to exhibit any entry.

  6. The judges’ decisions are final and legally binding.

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